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Below are a series of case studies that are examples of what ActionCOACH has done for clients across the UK.

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“The results are clear for us and are much more than the 50% increase in net profit and 4 new employees.”

aquacoolingAqua Cooling Solutions is the UK’s leading specialist in industrial process cooling and associated products and services. Based in Fareham, Hampshire, they have been operating since 2001 and have just had their most profitable year in over 10 years.

Kevin Lancaster is one of the company’s founders and he explains why, even though they maintained business during the recent economic downturn, they chose to bring in an ActionCOACH business coach.

“My business partner, Simon, and I had a great combination of experience in both cooling engineering management and sales when we first started the company. Growth was good and this just plateaued during the recession. We weren’t worried about the business and were confidently holding our head above water.

“By most standards £400k profit a year is great but there were other issues that were taking the enjoyment out of running the business. In particular, the people management had started to become a headache and we felt less enthused to go in to work each day.”

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“We’ve gone from planning to borrow £30,000 to enable growth to identifying £130,000 of savings in the budget this year!”

ClerksroomStephen Ward is an innovator in the legal marketplace but when his unique barristers’ chambers began to plateau after a period of initial growth, he decided to take some expert advice.

“When we started Clerksroom, we had a 10-year plan which included two long-term goals – buy a building for our chambers and create a really pleasant working environment. Our five-year plan included some targets for growing the business to help us stay focused towards our long-term objectives. However, Clerksroom grew rapidly and in December 2003, only two and a half years into
our plan, we moved into our new building. It was then that growth began to plateau and we just cruised along – the plan had lost focus as we had not set any new big objectives.”

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“We have gone from a £400,000 loss in 2013 to £800,000 profit in 2015 and we are on track to hit our £1 million target in 2016!”

Double H NurseriesDouble H Nurseries was established in 1961 and now grows 4.5 million house plants each year which are sold throughout the UK’s supermarkets. Growing really is their business but in 2013 their profitability took a hit and they decided that they needed some help.

“At Double H Nurseries, we grow flowering house plants, package them for gifts and supply them
to supermarkets all over the UK. Our business has completely transformed in the last 25 years. Distribution was much more localised back then through florists and garden centres but as supermarkets began to take over the retail landscape, we began to sell to them in large quantities and they would distribute across their networks for us.

“In the last decade, we had invested heavily in the most modern house plant production facilities in the UK and we were voted Bedding and Pot Plant Grower of the Year in 2009. But despite all of our innovations and efficient manufacturing practices, in 2013 the business made a £400,000 operating loss and I could see that we needed to make changes to get back into profit and that it would take a strategic facilitator to help us identify what those changes might be.”

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“We are now on track for this year’s projected turnover of £5.2 million compared to just £500,000 in 2012.”

SlumbersacKarina Grassy bought Slumbersac in 2012. So how did she turn around this manufacturer of children’s sleeping bags from a loss-making business turning over £500,000 to a profitable £5 million turnover online retailer?

“I joined Slumbersac as the German distributor in 2008 and when the business was offered to me in 2012, I thought I could turn it around from its loss-making position. By moving the business from wholesale to online retail meant we grew organically to £2.5 million in sales by the end of 2014 and that’s when I started considering external funding to help with a more structured growth plan.”

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“After seven years of business coaching, in 2016 we will turnover £8 million and we now employ a team of 70.”

SportsafeJon Neill started Sportsafe UK from his garage in Great Horkesley, Essex in 1997. Sportsafe UK is a service and maintenance company for sports and fitness equipment. In 2009, he had a wake up call when the bank manager contacted him about late payment and Jon decided he needed help.

“I suspect that we started like many small businesses, my wife helped by answering the phone and I would juggle between working on the road as an engineer and the promotion of the company. After 12 months we were awarded our first council contract of 50 schools. Once we had won our first tender, the second and third soon followed and we started to employ staff.

“At this stage, the business began to grow at an uncontrollable rate meaning I was working over 90 hours a week with no holidays but profits remained low. The mistakes I had made recruiting some employees meant the culture was also out of control with the staff calling the shots and we very nearly lost the business at this point. I had a wake up call when the bank manager called me
in, the tax office were chasing for payments, the staff were playing up, and most areas of the business had little control or planning. It was time we either closed the doors and walked away or we got some help and turned it around. It was at this point, in 2009, that my accountant introduced me to my local ActionCOACH.

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“With a 300% increase in revenue from the starting process late in 2013 to Year End 2015, the growth is fantastic, even palpable.”

ZingPaul Flavin decided to take a fresh look at his Portfolio Property Management (PPM) company when his partner retired and in May 2010 he started Miura Financial Solutions Ltd to specialise in mortgage and remortgage business, leaving PPM to concentrate on investment and pension advice.

Located in Southend-on-Sea, Miura rebranded as Zing in 2013 with the sole intention to give members of the public access to quality mortgage advice at a time and place that best suits them.

“Our main income as a financial services company is the commission our ‘writers’ receive when arranging mortgages, life insurance, buildings and contents insurance policies for our clients. I started as a mortgage advisor in PPM and became a partner within five years having become a top writer. With my partner’s retirement in 2010, I had the opportunity to establish a new company, planning its path for everyone’s benefit.”

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“Chris Fitzsimmons, a DynoRod franchise partner shares his success with ActionCOACH”

Chris FitzsimmonsChris Fitzsimmons runs a DynoRod franchise on the South Coast. We asked for a client perspective.

“Historically, we’ve always worked with people outside the business. We’ve employed consultants from health & safety, sales, human resources, environmental and financial backgrounds so it made sense talking to an expert in the field of business management. So we called our local ActionCOACH.”

“At the time, we were doing well but recognised we could do better. It was more about where we had come from and where we were going. We had a bit of breathing space. We’d experienced recent growth through acquisition and taking on a new large contract and we wanted to be sure we were in good shape for going forward.”

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 “ActionCOACH helps this franchise operator become a true business owner”

ActionCOACH case studyAndy Findlay bought his Dyno franchise, part of the UK’s largest plumbing force, in 2001 and explains his journey with Dyno and how ActionCOACH helped him become a true business owner, not just a franchise operator.

“My sister had been successfully running a franchise and so I was keen to find a franchise that would work for me. I was looking for something where I could use my sales skills but I had also spent part of my career being more hands-on. Dyno was a recognisable brand and fit my shopping list well.”

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“Business Grows Five Fold in 18 months thanks to ActionCOACH”

One-Call Group Case study_001When Paul Anderson, owner of One-Call Group, felt he had ‘too many eggs in one basket’ and wanted to increase his customer base, a business contact recommended he speak to Mark Cadbury from ActionCOACH.  He did – and the result has been dramatic!

Paul established One-call Group in 1994.  The business provides a good and reliable property maintenance service to the commercial and private sector.  In 1999 Paul found his first retail client – Lloyds Pharmacy as he explains:

“It was by accident as we were working for someone else at the time; Lloyds saw we were doing a good job and asked if we could do some minor repairs for them … next thing we had a contract with Lloyds Pharmacy covering a 100 mile radius of Bournemouth!”

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 “Beating the Recession with ActionCOACH”

Jenova Case Study_002Entrepreneur Tim Jeffs’s two businesses, Jenova and Wacnet, have not just survived but thrived during the current recession thanks in no small part to ActionCoach.

Jenova specialises in promotional merchandise, with a difference. Rather than offering the standard fare of pens and mouse mats, it develops creative products that reflect the customer’s brand and need. For instance, Jenova recently developed an interactive book for Italian restaurant chain Bella Italia, which introduced children to the Italian language whilst waiting for their meal to be served. Wacnet is a courier and logistics business supporting companies trading between the UK, Hong Kong and China.

Jenova, based in Henley-on-Thames, was established sixteen years ago by MD Tim Jeffs, who then developed Wacnet. Though the businesses became well established, neither of them was growing as they should.  Even though Tim was working seven days a week and hadn’t taken a proper holiday for years.  ‘We just couldn’t progress to the next level,’ he said. ‘And staff turnover was high, which didn’t help.’

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“ActionCOACH makes perfect sense to this entrepreneur”

terptree subheadings_003When Victoria Williams began working with ActionCOACH Rob Pickering in late 2010 her main objective was simply to master the skills she felt she lacked. However, Rob has helped her achieive much more than that. Today, her business is on a major path to growth and she’s taking on some of the biggest translation agencies in the UK – and winning.


A highly experienced British Sign Language (BSL) / English Interpreter, Victoria set up terptree in 2006. The interpreting agency based in Berkshire, is the place to go for services for Deaf people. Her clients include hospitals, local authorities, police, courts, charities, Deaf people in the workplace and many more.

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“ActionCOACH shows how customisation drives conversion rate up by 71%”

KHT - Case Study_004When I met Humphrey Sherwood, my ActionCOACH Business Coach, my business was fairly successful, but it was stuck in a rut. Turnover hadn’t changed in three years and I was doing nothing to push the business forward. I’m not sure why. I think I was applying the old saying, “If it ain’t broke , don’t fix it.” And, to be honest, I didn’t really know what to do to take my business to the next level, so it was ‘safer’ just to carry on doing what I’d always done.

The first thing Humphre helped me with was the sales process and focusing upon the presentation of our services. What we do is specialsed, quite niche and often technically very involved. It became apparent that we needed to take more care about personalisin the presentation and delivery of our services, taking account of our customers…

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Exact Business Taxation case study_005Exact Business Taxation Services is based in Cambridge but has a national network of assciates working from home. They specialise in a very niche market claiming tax back based on property ownership. It is owned by Arthur Kemp and although it has always been profitable, he worked long hours, with little time off and was in a constant state of disorganisation. He had an office with three staff but was often out visiting clients and was completely exhausted.

It was when Arthur was doing a talk at an event in Hammersmith that he met Christina Jackson a business coach from ActionCOACH. Initially he dismissed the idea that a business coach could help him as his business is so specialised. As he said, “I thought; how could she possibly understand my very niche business.” However, Christina clearly explained how Arthur could take control of his business and importantly, could have some time off to relax. This convince Arthur and began meeting every week by Skype.

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Window glass case study_006The Window Glass Company is a family business with 45 employees. They supply windows to the commercial sector and have over 40 years of trading history. When Peter Whitmarsh was handed the reins of the business by his fater he didn’t know how to run the business. Peter said, “Without any management experience it all seemed overwhelming and I was, quite frankly, reluctant to take over.”

Peter knew he could do with some help and did employ a consultant.”But I found that they just walked away after giving advice and I neede more continuity than that.” So when a coach from ActionCOACH approached Peter and offered on-going support to get things implemented he could see the benefits straight away. “He was the right person at the right time for me.”

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D2NA Case Study generic_007D2NA provide IT support services to businesses across the West Midlands and the UK. It was started six years ago by Graham Doyle who had worked in IT support for a number of years. He had a good start when some large clients came on baord an dhe reached a £250k turnover after three years. Then he merged with another small company which took the number of staff to six.

This merger prompted Graham to look closely at the buisness and decide what he wanted to do with it. As he said, “Although the business was healthy I hnow had more staff relying on me. This made me realise that to grow a stronger business I needed to learn some new skills. We were great at IT and customer service but didn’t know much about running a business. “For example, sales and marketing was something I didn’t have a clue about.”

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Sunrise case study 008Sunrise Medical manufacture and supply mobility devices such as wheelchairs and mobility scooters as well as many other homecare products. They have been in operation since 1985 and have global sales of approximately £300 million. However, despite providing a great range of own brand and third party products they had begun to see a lack of growth.

Jim Barratt took over the reins of the UK commercial division back in 2008 and wanted to drive change and increase growth. However. he found that his previous product based background didn’t fully prepare him for the sales environment he now led. Also, as Jim said, “Several years of upheaval and change had left the teams demoralised and success was hard to find.”

Although Jim hadn’t heard of business coaching he was referred to someone from ActionCOACH through a colleague. “I could see straight away that the skills and knowledge he possessed and the structured approach was what I needed”

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Cotswood Case Study Gil_009Before we met Gil from ActionCOACH our business was already well established and successful. It had been in existence for over 30 years, we had built a highly professional team and earned ourselves a reputation for excellence in products and services.

Our plans were to grow the business so that we could open a new store and build towards realising our dream of making Cotswood the leading timber door company in London. We spent a lot of time, effort and money in an attempt to put our plans into action, but whatever we did seemed to have litttle impact upon the business. It began to feel like we were taking one step forward to only take two back.

Frustrated and a little demoralised, we took a good look at the business and ourselves and realised that we were in a rut. We knew things would have to change, but our difficulty was in deciding exactly what those things were. That’s where our ActionCOACH came in…

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“ActionCOACH helps Polythene UK Pack a Punch”

Polythene UK Web_pagenumber_010James Woollard, managing director of Polythene UK, believes that business owners, like sportsmen, should have coaches. “Even if you’re good, there’s always room for improvement. Even Manchester United has a coach. Why should an entrepreneur be any different? ”

James took over the reins of Polythene UK, the Witney-based polythene broker, in July 2007 and quickly saw its potential. “I’ve been in the packaging industry all my working life. I could see it had the right ingredients but I also knew I didn’t have all the answers myself. I’d need a coach if I was going to really make this business take off.”   He started working with his Action Coach in October 2008 and hasn’t looked back since.

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“Business Coaching takes Chartered Accountant to new heights”

James Todd & Co_pagenumber_011James Todd & Co is a very long established firm of Chartered Accountants in Chichester with a team of 13 inlcuding 3 partners. The practice has been providing accountancy, audit and taxation services to primarily small and medium sized family owned businesses.

“Businesses grow or retract, they never stand still,” says Michelle Daniels, a partner in the Practice. “We knew that it was time for a change in direction to develop the practice  however I didn’t know how. I was trained as a Chartered Accountant, I had never been trained in HR or Marketing. Team morale was at an all time low. I was finding the increasing team problems very time consuming and very stressful. Coming to work just wasn’t fun any more.”

Michelle was introduced to ActionCOACH by one of her clients and hasn’t looked back.

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“Electrifying results for Energy PR”

Energy PR Case study_pagenumber_012You would think that PR firms would be particularly hard hit by the recession – after all marketing is often one of the first budgets to be cut when times get tough. However during this time, Louise Findlay-Wilson’s firm, Energy PR, has not only gone from strength to strength, but she has also launched a new business called PrPro™. So what’s the secret behind this success? According to the entrepreneur it’s down to lots of drive, a fantastic team, a really strong business idea plus great support from an Action Coach.

When Louise was approached by Action Coach, Alan Verrinder, she was at a crossroads in her business. Energy PR had been successfully trading since 1995 and it had a good roster of clients. But during this time Louise had also had four children, so she had been balancing the business with her family commitments.

“I’d never really had the time to explore new business ideas or actively push the agency forwards,” explains Louise.

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“A Rare Retail Success Thanks to ActionCOACH”

Sue Fosters Interiors Case Study_pagenumber_013Chris Gorton has always believed in following his gut instinct, so when the opportunity of buying Sue Foster Interiors came up, he and his wife Vicky Lee-Gorton jumped at the chance.   Vicky was originally working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Dubai, but she wanted to spend more time with Chris and their two young daughters, running their own business seemed the perfect answer.   Chris and Vicky bought Sue Foster Interiors in January 2006 and, although neither of them had any experience in soft furnishings, they both knew this was something they could do. “This type of business just appealed to us, it was as simple as that,” claims Chris.

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“Business ignites for Kiln Flame Systems”

Kiln Flame Systems with logo_pagenumber_014From experience, Richard Manning and Cliff Rennie managing directors of Kiln Flame Systems, (KFS) have always been very cynical about taking advice from outside the company.

So, when Richard and Cliff decided to take their redundancy money and start fresh with KFS in 1999, they used their combined 40 years experience and adopted a back to basics approach.

However, in December 2005, over 6 years into the new venture, they decided to bring ActionCOACH Mike McGuire onboard. Cliff explained, “ActionCOACH contacted us several times and we agreed to meet – albeit skeptically! Of course I’m glad we did otherwise we would never have met Mike.”

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“Succession Planning for Southworth Handling”

Southworth Handling Generic_pagenumber_015Succession planning is a no easy task. You not only need to find the right person to take on the running of the business but the company also needs a strong plan and systems in place to ensure it will flourish when you’re not there. This was the challenge facing Peter Brook, owner and MD of Southworth Handling.

The company provides materials handling equipment primarily for positioning pallets and work pieces, as well as selling trucks and trolleys, small electric lifters and stackers.

Peter has been MD since the late nineties, during which time the company has been what he describes as a ‘steady earner’. He bought it from its US owners three years ago but it now approaching retirement age. It was this that prompted him to work with ActionCOACH.

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“Firing up our Business”

Detect generic_pagenumber_016It’s a problem faced by owners of many small to medium sized businesses. They get embroiled in the day-to-day demands of running a company and end up spending too long working in the business rather than on the business. But with the help of ActionCoach, Chris Ellis Director of Detect Fire and Security, managed to break out of this pattern and as a result has seen turnover rocket from £1.6 million to £2.1 million in two years.

Detect Fire and Security supplies, installs and maintains electronic fire and security systems – everything from fire and burglar alarms to cctv and access control – to predominantly commercial premises. Based in Hamble, near Southampton, the company’s customers mainly come from south of the M25.

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