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Caroline and I used to drift along and sometimes when things got difficult we even had a tendency to hide. We were recommended by a good friend to contact Alan. We were both initially cynical. We knew we needed help but thought we could not afford to pay for it. After the Alignment day we were buzzing with possibility again. This was the state of mind that we were in when we bought these businesses. Alan had rekindled some purpose for us. The relationship has continued to do this. We meet Alan weekly and it provides an opportunity to take stock of the short to medium term plans we have developed. I don’t always want to meet as I can feel embarrassed if I have not done much. But this is why the relationship works. Co owned goals seem a little more important than the ones we used to set for ourselves knowing we would never achieve them. When we have a tough week Alan is always one of the costs we could cut but we know, at this stage that would be a mistake for the longer term. When we have a great week, and retail is a bit like this at the moment, we credit Alan with really creating some traction for us. Caroline and Richard Parsons Extreme I DO

Caroline & Richard Parsons

Team Building

We have only been working with Martin for the past 4 months but over this short period of time he has guided us to put the building blocks in place to grow a really successful Business. He has taught us to set goals and build proper business plans and introduce comprehensive systems that are essential for success. We sat down with him 4 months ago and set are target for want we wanted our yearly turnover to be in 12 months time, I don’t think it is coincidence that we have hit and increased our targets month on month since Martin has been associated with us - Trevor Herbert Airedale

I am the MD and owner of a software solutions business which has been in business since 1990. The business has had many challenges over the past 2 years which had taken its toll on me as well as the management team to a point that I wanted to divest myself of the business and go and do something else – I had had enough! That’s where Alan comes in….I was referred to Alan through and ex colleague who felt that I would benefit from working with Alan. Well they were right! I have been working with Alan for 3 months now and what a difference 3 months can make – is the business now highly profitable and has lots of cash – well no but I now know that it will be within the year and that’s good enough for me. What Alan does is work with the owner to get them sorted first and the rest follows. My motivation is getting back to where it was a few years back and this is having a direct effect on my management team who, because of me, had lost focus. They are now a lot happier and so is the team – we measure this and the average satisfaction has gone up 18% in one quarter – the highest gain in a quarter since we started measuring these 7 years ago. Steve Dingley Integrated FM

When you are running your own business it is really easy to get stuck into so much of the day to day grind that you forget to - or can't find the time to - take a look at the bigger picture. Alan has not only helped me find the time to work on my business rather than simply in it - he has also injected some real excitement within my team. They can see that I'm doing things differently, they can feel the real sense of purpose and vision that is emerging and it is rubbing off on them. Thanks to Alan I not only have a much sharper vision for where Energy PR is heading, I also feel equipped to make that vision happen. It's an incredibly exciting time. Louise Findlay Wilson Energy PR

Wilson Energy PR

Increasing Sales

Since meeting Alan, I have managed to almost double the value of my average sale. My client base has been increased – not only in size, but also in quality through more focused advertising. I have designed procedures and systems for growing the business. In three months, I am now seeing the benefit of getting Alan onboard. But there is no time to sit back. I have more goals to achieve for both the business and for me personally. Alan holds me accountable for hitting our milestones. This focuses my mind on doing the things I should. He manages to do this with great humour and great skill. I leave our once a week sessions fully rejuvenated. Alan Ford The Cotswold Country Kitchen Company

The Cotswold Country Kitchen Company

DEKOMTE work in a specialised technical field, supplying expansion joints for the power generation industry. The contact with the customer is mainly focused on technical dialogue of plant function, specification and identification of problems. The growth in the UK business has been very fast, and this has required a recruitment of a new team. Although the engineering can be taught in house, sales and marketing and customer contact styles must also be developed. Training workshops by Alan have been important to develop the skills of the team and not only think about existing customer relationships but developing new ones, for our future growth. All the team have appreciated Alan's open, knowledge and experience sharing style, with an abundance of practical ideas for the team to use. Jake Sisson Dekomte UK Ltd

Dekomte UK Ltd

The business training and guidance from Alan during this past 12 months has probably been the best investment I have made in Matrix. In real terms we have all but doubled our turnover and increased profits in that time. The next 12 months looks even brighter Dave Benbow Matrix SCT


Dave Benbow

Personal Benefits

Carol has become a friend a much as my coach; by leading the way, Carol is supporting, advising and possibly more importantly making me think for myself with her guidance. The programme is an ongoing personal experience which has taken discipline, commitment and effort not to mention investment. Carol and I are on a journey together and I look forward to sharing my future success and happiness with her. Anne Hunter Sales Director GMG

Anne Hunter Sales Director

Seminar Success

I have got so much out of today. I wouldn't even have minded if we had worked through lunch so that we could have had more time with you. Rebecca Fordham R.E.A.L. People Solutions

Rebecca Fordham

Excellent content and lots of ideas. Very keen to move forward with the ideas presented. Keith Wilson Jnr Balanced Solutions

Keith Wilson Jnr

Re-focused my thoughts! It has re-inspired me to read more books and listen to general information on moving the business forward. Kevin Stratford Stratford and Stratford

Kevin Stratford

I was so impressed with all the information. I wish I had been to a seminar before! Annemarie Jones New Forest Personnel

Annemarie Jones

Excellent! Very stimulating. Frank Barnett Barnett Associates

Frank Barnett

Very informative. The whole Seminar makes you think about where you are with your business and how you can improve it. Jonathan Rees - Jonathan Rees Property Services

Jonathan Rees

This note is to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave last week. Your talk was informative, helpful and thoroughly worth attending. I look forward to receiving invitations to further talks and seminars and learning more." Yours sincerely Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

I have just attended a 90 day planning workshop run by Kevin Stansfield and some of the other coaches at Action Coach. I found the day really useful as I am starting up my business. Although I have always worked for myself, I am looking at the bigger picture now of generating multiple streams of income, how to do this and other area's of business which I have not mastered before. Action Coach takes out the guess work and they have given me tried and tested formula's and strategies to achieve success. I know I will have easier journey because of this -!! I am looking forward to meeting up again in the new year to continue looking at where to go with my business and implementing the advice and knowledge gained from Kevin and Action coach. Caroline Des-Rivieres

Caroline Des-Rivieres

Success Planning

As my Business Coach, Carol is an excellent investment providing me with a number of benefits. These include help with focusing my business and goal setting, a sounding board for new ideas, someone to scrutinize my existing processes and help me to continually improve my business and how I operate within it. My team is now more productive and happier, my sales are growing steadily and I have a new found confidence that will help me to ensure that my business will continue to succeed and thrive. Training Consultancy

I have worked with Kevin for many years now and can throroughly recomend his services to anybody looking to take their business to the next level. Kevin's easy to understand and no nonsense approach is refreshing in this industry and he has always been totally commited, with a speed of response and professionalism that is second to none. I look forward to working with him for many years to come." Paul Reardon Wilden UK Ltd

Paul Reardon

Dear Kevin, Just a note to say that I value our sessions very much. I was stuck on a much delayed train, writing notes of our previous day's coaching session. It was at that moment that a light dawned - how much I am enjoying the energy, and the effectiveness, which your insights and advice have given me. In part, it would be great to have discovered the process years ago. However, very much doubt that it would have been as professional and well-resourced as ActionCoach is proving to be. Like sports coaching, it's pretty challenging and demanding, and probably not for those who aren't fully committed to improving their business. But for those who are fully committed - and otherwise why have a business instead of a job - it's very exciting to learn and apply all these new skills. It's too early to see tangible results in our P&L, but am confident that our owner-managed business, and its family members, will quickly enjoy the benefits of your help and support." Yours sincerely Tim Roberts - Keytools Ltd

Since you began coaching Julian and I our attitude to the business has improved enormously. Your insight, knowledge and expertise have enabled us to focus on our future personal and business goals whilst increasing our day to day effectiveness. One of the most significant improvements you have enabled us to carry out is to understand the importance of training, motivating and retaining staff. Our team is now focused on our goals and enjoying the interaction with each other so we are able to focus more on the business rather than in it. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other businesses, your skills have enabled us to progress far quicker than expected and I am so glad we made the commitment to you as our Business Coach. Richard Worrall Thompson Wilson estate agents.

When we first looked at the Action mentoring program it looked expensive, but if we were to stop treading water and make real progress we knew we needed help! We may have taken a little longer than some but one year on the fog has lifted and we can see a clear path to achieving our goals. Business is good, attractive clients are on the up and we are attracting good quality staff to match, now from the inside looking out it’s the best investment we have made. Suzi & Glen Chadwick Chilli Pepper

Business Performance

Kevin is reliable, realistic, responsible. A detail man who takes time to look at the whole picture and keeps a calm head in times of great harvest or famine. Alan Frampton Donaldsons Flowers Ltd

I have (& still do) worked with Mr Stansfield for many years now, originally in my capacity as Senior Partner in a practice of Chartered Accountants, and subsequently, following "semi-retirement" in 1996, as a Consultant/Business Adviser/Trustee (in the case of the latter, Kevin serves alongside me as a fellow-trustee in certain cases). Consequently, one feels well-placed, on the basis of real experience, to applaud (quite apart from the what undoubted technical expertise as a Chartered Accountant) his: • Clarity of answers to questions • Confidence in making presentations • Speed of response • No nonsense approach • Ability to communicate in understandable language • Professionalism • Friendliness • Presentable personality. Mr D NW Shores FCA

Kevin - thank you so much for a really inspiring and lucid explanation of the foundations of business finance. It was exactly what I needed, and I was particularly grateful for your patience in slowing down to my pace, holding back those grins (!!!) at my durr moments, and keeping the pace of the lesson moving. I'm really looking forwards to our next meeting. I always believe that the only people who can bring clarity to a subject are those who have mastered the topic - it was a real pleasure to benefit from yours." Kind regards Previn Karian - Resonance Practitioners Ltd

Using the services of Action Coach has been a major benefit to my business. By working in partnership with business coach Kevin Stansfield, Swisher has been able to grow its business in an enjoyable as well as professional manner more assuredly than before. We are delighted to have formed this working relationship and pleased we have established our association with ActionCOACH.We value Kevin's advice and support which is always given willingly and not just on time but most often well within time. Kevin and his team surpassed our expectations. Christine Beard

Our sales had levelled off due to tough market conditions and we knew that we needed to improve certain areas of our business but didn’t know where to begin so Martin worked with senior members of staff and focused us on clear goals and objectives with the necessary Planning , Strategy and Controls to achieve them. He has dramatically improved our marketing, sales conversions and systemisation of company procedures boosting both profitability and efficiency, and whenever key strategic decisions are required we always greatly value his unbiased input. Thanks largely to Martin our sales are up 67% on last year and we are continually expanding as a business. We would not hesitate to recommend Martin as a business coach to anyone who wishes to maximise their business and hope to be employing him for many years. Andy Walker, Artisan Timber & Flooring Ltd

Alan, I wish to thank you for your assistance, advice and support this year. I have found it to be motivating and invaluable. Having an independent person taking an external view on my business and inputting ideas and suggestions has integrated with my internal view of the business extremely well. You have brought ideas from sources I did not know about; plus your own wide experience to assist me in managing and growing my business. You have put some focus into my business life by helping me plan better. I think that anyone using your services and skills as a business coach would find the same and would certainly recommend Action Coaching to anyone and in particular you as their Business Coach. Terry Iles Swisher Swindon

I would like to thank you and Action Coach for the work you have put in over the last twelve months. The coaching sessions, associated networking events and seminars have clearly enhanced the business. There is a higher level of motivation, direction and drive from all levels of staff that have had and involvement. This has enabled us to improve the organisation, monitor, analyse, plan and structure all elements of the business. We have increased the company profile both inter company and to the business world. I would personally recommend Action Coach and your good self to other companies who wish to improve or enhance their business. ~ John Gosling Director

John Gosling Director

Business Coaching